How to Turn Off Windows Defender In Windows 10?

Here are some ways to prevent Windows 10 from running antivirus software.

Turn Off Windows Defender In Windows 10 has the potential to break Windows or prevent the installation of safe applications. In either case, you might want to turn off your security software. Look at the directions below if you have Windows 10 and are uncertain how to turn off your security program.

Anti-malware software, to be explicit, helps keep infections and criminals off of your computer. If necessary, you can briefly disable it, but you should consider how to disable Windows Defender on Windows 10.

How To Turn Off Windows Defender In Windows 10?

If it finds something questionable, this antivirus will frequently stop you from installing software created by a less well-known developer. Those who use reliable third-party apps can find this annoying. For example, specialised software you use for work doesn’t endanger your machine, yet the antivirus will continue to raise the warning.

How to Turn Off Windows Defender on Windows 10 Temporarily?

Follow these steps to temporarily disable Microsoft Defender real-time security Windows antivirus protection.

But remember that if you do this, your device may be exposed to threats.

Way 1:

  • To find this app, click Start and type Windows Security in the search box.
  • Select the Windows Security app from the list of results, navigate to Virus & Threat Protection, and then click Manage Settings under Virus & Threat Protection Settings.
  • Disable real-time protection.
  • Keep in mind that scheduled checks will still run.
  • But files that have been downloaded or installed will not be scanned until the next scheduled scan.
Turn Off Windows Defender

Way 2:

  • To open Group Policy in Windows 10, press Windows + R, type gpedit.msc in the Run box, and press Enter.
  • Then click as follows: Computer Setup > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Defender Antivirus.
  • You can double click “Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus” in the right window and select the “Enabled” option.
  • To save your changes, click Apply and then click OK.
Turn Off Windows Defender In Windows 10

How to Turn Off Windows Defender on Windows 10 Permanently?

You can uninstall your antivirus program from Windows 10 if you want to turn off Windows defender permanently. Learn how to get rid of your antivirus program on your Windows 10 PC.

  • To open the Control Panel in Windows 10, press Windows + R, type control panel and press Enter.
  • Click “Programs and Features” next.
  • Scroll down until you find the antivirus program you want to get rid of.
  • Right-click it and click “Delete” to get rid of it.
  • Here is how you can permanently disable your antivirus on your Windows 10 computer.


You can make an exception for a specific file or folder so that your antivirus software doesn’t scan it. A more risky option is to disable all antivirus protection.

If you install a third-party antivirus program that works with Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Defender will be disabled.

If tamper protection is enabled, you will have to disable it before you can disable real-time protection.

Disabling the antivirus is necessary if you are trying to activate Windows 10 or any other version using an activator such as KMSpico or any other. This protection blocks activation by hacking the Microsoft KMS server.

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